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General Information

  • We accept term  deposits from individuals (including sole proprietors) and legal entities (RA residents and non-residents):
    • In AMD, USD, EUR and RUB,
    • In cash and non-cash manner.
  • Deposits will be accepted according to the terms and conditions approved by the bank; 
  • When accepting and withdrawing deposits we will be governed by RA legislation, decisions of the RA Central Bank and other regulations;
  • While the relationships between the bank and you are regulated by the deposit agreement, its provisions are not subject to unilateral amendment unless otherwise stipulated in the deposit agreement;
  • In line with the legislative acts, we ensure the confidentiality of deposit placement and other transactions associated with it. Provision of information to third parties will be executed exclusively in cases and under the procedure stipulated in RA law On Bank Secrecy.
  • Bank's terms and conditions of accepting deposits (per deposit type) can be found here.

Attention: Terms of special deposit offers regularly made by the bank differ from the general terms of accepting deposits in our system and will be applied only to the deposits accepted under the officially published special deposit offer.

Updated 28.09.2017 | 22:39:21