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Investment services

We offer brokerage (dealer) and securities custody services (including: mediation of services delivered by the RA Central Depositary) in the RA territory, also on Russian and global securities markets.

We deliver investment services on global securities markets  under the agreement signed with the leading German BAADER investment bank. In December 2010, we opened a brokerage account with BAADER, which allows us and our customers to execute transactions in securities listed at stock exchanges of London, New-York, Frankfurt, Tokyo and other leading stock markets.

Delivery of investment services on the Russian securities market  is carried out under the brokerage service agreement made with BrokerCreditService company. Information on the transactions and quotes of securities listed at Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange is received online in real time mode.

We provide brokerage and custody services according to the bank's rules and tariff rates. In order to access investment services, you should open a current account submitting the documents stated herein.

ATTENTION: The RISK of investments made under your assignment and using your funds will be INCURRED BY YOU. We will NOT REIMBURSE your losses unless they were caused by the company's misconduct. Investment risk depends on the chosen investment: the country to invest in, individual rating of the country and company, economic sector, currency, investment term, the fact of being state/private- owned, and other factors.


  • Provisions Pertaining to Bank-Customer Relationships
    • The Bank-Customer relations arising from delivery of investment services will be regulated under an open-end agreement made between the parties. Each party will be entitled to terminate the agreement without court intervention notifying the other party at least 10 days in advance.
    • Within 3 banking days after the agreement termination we will be obliged to hand to you or your authorized representative the securities and money owned by you.
  • Rules of Investment Service Delivery

    Rules of Delivery of BROKERAGE Services on Securities Market - These rules define the procedure and terms of accepting/ conveying orders for concluding transactions  in customers' securities, communication with customers, as well as execution of transactions in securities at customers' expense and provision of general  information on possible risks associated with execution of transactions. The rules have been designed in compliance with RA Civil Code, RA law On Securities Market, RA Central Bank's regulatory documents and other legal acts.


    Rules of Securities CUSTODY Operations - These Rules define the list of transactions executed by using securities accounts, the procedure and terms of delivery/implementation of services, depositary relationships, as well as the procedure of custody operations. The Rules have been prepared in compliance with RA Civil Code, RA law On Securities Market, and other legal acts regulating custody operations (including the requirements of the RA Central Depositary).

  • Rules for Mediation of Services Delivered by the RA Central Depositary

    The Rules define the peculiarities and procedures of activities of the bank as a member of Unified system of securities registries and settlement of the RA Central Depositary.

    Note: On May 19, 2016, we joined the Securities Settlement System. We were granted a status of Depositary system account operator  and a member of  Regulated Market Settlement System (RMSSM), which allows the bank to mediate services delivered by the RA Central Depositary, particularly, the services associated with maintaining the registry of joint-stock companies and securities custody.


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