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Payroll Cards

We offer Payroll cards to legal entities and sole proprietors. With the help of Payroll cards, your employees will receive and manage their payroll funds in a modern and convenient manner.

We offer:

  • To employees of an organization - an ArCa Classic card (a local card used only in the territory of Armenia) or MasterCard (Maestro, Standard) and Visa Classic payment cards (international payment cards which can be used both in Armenia and around the world).
  • To founders and senior managers of an organization - MasterCard (Standard, Gold) or Visa (Classic, Gold) cards.
  • To each organization - reduced tariffs and individual approach  depending upon the number of employees, area of activity, payroll fund and other factors.
  • An opportunity of obtaining lines of credit under agreed terms and limits.

Advantages of Payroll Cards:

  • For an Organization:
    • Reduction in the required workload, simplification of work process and convenience of paying wages and salaries.
    • Reduction in cash turnover.
    • Secure and modern means of paying wages and salaries allowing one to avoid risks involved in cash transportation and problems linked to keeping cash in cash handling unit.
  • For employees:
    • Convenience to manage one's funds.
    • Wide opportunities of card services.
    • Cashing out from card account through ATMs and POS-terminals.
    • Making non-cash payments at stores and service centers.
    • Paying utility bills at ATMs or online.
    • Executing online transactions (payments, purchases).
    • Getting lines of credit (overdrafts).

Attention: If you have questions relating to payroll cards, our specialists will  be happy to answer them.

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