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MasterCard Business


The Bank offers its legal entities and private entrepreneurs MasterCard Business payment cards of the ''MasterCard'' international payment system, which give the opportunity of card operations both in Armenia and around the world.

  • Card accounts are opened and operate in AMD, USD and EURO. 
  • MasterCard Business payment card is a convenient tool for managing your company’s expenses and has an opportunity of receiving a credit line*
  • Cards are disbursed and serviced according to the rates of Payment Cards confirmed by the Bank. All the charges set by the Bank rates are done from the Card account in non-acceptance form.  
  • You can apply for Business payment card to the Head Office  or any Branch of the Bank. 

* The Bank does not make a public offer for the credit line disbursement,  but in case of the Card holder application, the credit line can be granted in accordance with the decision of the authorized body of the Bank on the basis of a mutually signed agreement between the Bank and the Card holder. 

Attention - The detailed information on the payment cards disbursement/service and usage (including the information on the card issuane/disbursement, disbursment of the statements, appeal of transactions, implementation of the transactions in foreign currency and other necessary information) is  HERE.

  • Enables to effectively manage the expenses of your company in Armenia and abroad.
  • Is a convenient payment tool, especially for satisfying the costs of business trip, representative and other costs. 
  • Make a cash withdrawal of the own financial means of your company without visiting the Bank. 
  • Make non-cash operations reducing the cash funds turnover of your company.
  • Make payments on customs points, as well as in other state bodies of Armenia.
  • Make reservations (hotel rooms, air tickets, etc.) and payments in online area.  
  • Make card to card transfers via ATMs or online (by registering a virtual card in the portal www.arca.am). 
  • In case of the usage of the Bank online banking  service you will have an opportunity to make  replenishment of the financial means (from the current account to the card account) and immediately dispose those financial means by via your card, without visiting the Bank.

During the card payment implementation, You should remember: 

  • You can make card payments in those outlets, where the logo of the given card system is attached. 
  • While making card payments, before signing the receipt, be sure that the amount mentioned in the receipt corresponds to the amount of Your transaction.  
  • While making card payments always keep Your card in sight.
  • In case you refuse from the purchase, You should demand to void your payment and keep the receipt of the void transaction until the receipt of the next statement in order to be sure that no charge has been made.  

Tips for those travelling abroad

Before departure

  • Check the expiry date of your card.
  • Check your account balance.
  • Write down your 16-digit card number and all the phone numbers by which you can contact the Bank in case of your card loss or theft in abroad. 
  • Check the necessary information on the bank card payment limit (the amount limit of one card payment, daily maximum cash amount limit and the maximum number of daily cash receipt).  In case the stated limit do not satisfy you, you can turn to the Bank in order to increase them (in order to avoid rejection of the transaction as a result of exceeding the limits).
  • Keep the card transactions receipts and after return compare them with the transactions stated in your statement.

In case of the foreign currency operations it is necessary to know:

  • Card transactions in foreign exchange rates may differ, for which the bank does not take any responsibility. 
  • While  making transactions, the currency of which differs from the card account currency, in the service centres and ATMs  of the "Armenian Card" payment system  member Banks, the currency exchange rate set by the Bank on the day  of the transaction offset by the  "Armenian Card" payment system  is applied as a currency of the transaction .
  • In case of the transactions in other Bank service centres and ATMs the currency exchange rate set by the Bank on the day of the transaction offset by the  "MasterCard" payment system  is applied as a currency of the transaction .
  • Provide your PIN code privacy (it should be kept in secret and unavailable to other parties). The responsibility for all the transactions made by PIN code bears the Card holder. The Bank does not bear any responsibility for the illegal and unauthorized usage of the Card as a result of the availability of the PIN code by the card holder to the third parties. 
  • In case of the card loss or theft immediately contact the Bank by the following phone numbers:  (+374 10) 56-20-36, (+374 10) 58-29-77 or by the number  (+374 10)  44-03-80  of the “Armenian Card” Payment system,  and tell the password stated by you in the application of the Payment Card receipt: The card will be suspended after your call. 
  • The delay of informing the Bank about the card loss or theft may result in transaction  implementation by other people.  The Bank does not bear any responsibility for the damage caused to the Card holder which has been made between the period of the card loss and informing the Bank about it.
  • The card holder is liable for all transactions made by the card until the time he informs the Bank about the necessity  to terminate the card because of its loss or theft. 
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