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General Information

We offer our customers the following payment cards: Local ArCa Classic card which can be used only in Armenia, MasterCard (Standard, Gold) and Visa (Classic, Gold, Business) international payment cards which can be used both in Armenia and around the world.

Card accounts will be opened and maintained in Armenian drams, US dollars, euros and Russian rubles. The safest and most secure microprocessor MasterCard (Standard, Gold) and Visa (Classic, Gold, Infinite, Business) cards are supported with DDA chips.

ArCa Classic debit cards can be used to get overdrafts*, while MasterCard  and Visa credit cards allow the cardholder to obtain  lines of credit and overdrafts*. ArCa and MasterCard Standard cards can serve as payroll cards loaded with your salary. 

Payment cards will be issued for a 3 (Three)-year period.

Cards will be issued and serviced according to our Payment Card Issuance and Service tariffs. All types of commission fees under the bank's tariffs will be charged from your card account without prior notice.

You can open an Card accounts by visiting the bank premises or through remote systems (online). Opening accounts through remote systems (online) will be performed on the basis of an electronic application filed via the bank's website or mobile application; you will need a means of authentication and identification as stipulated in Terms and Conditions of Complex Banking Services (contractual relations between the bank and customers are regulated by Terms and conditions of Complex Banking Services, which are a public offering and  considered as accepted once a filled out bank service  application is submitted by the customer personally or online).

Attention. * It is not a public offering for advancing lines of credit (overdrafts). The latter can be granted to you pursuant to the decision of our authorized body under the terms and conditions set by bank's internal regulations and on the basis of mutually signed agreement made between you and the bank.

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