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Account Management


The account holder will be entitled to manage without limitation the family capital as soon as he/she turns 18. Prior to it, the family capital will be managed through non-cash payments by the account manager, solely:

  • For repayment of principal and interest of mortgage-backed loans for purchase, construction of an apartment, residential house in Armenia, if the borrower is a parent or an adopter of the account holder (except guardian),
  • Pursuant to RA Government Decree #1691-N of December 27, 2012, for the payment of tuition fees (preschool institution fees) of the account holder or a parent and a family member taken into account in determining the sequential number of the child in question,
  • For repayment of principal and interest on the loan extended to a parent of account holder (except guardian) if the loan interest is partially subsidized pursuant to the Procedure approved by Sub-clause 1, Clause 4 of RA Government Resolution #349-N of March 31, 2011 and if there is an opinion of the rural finance facility of Rural Areas Economic Development Program Implementation Unit of Staff of the Government of the Republic of Armenia State Agency about the compliance of actual use of the loan with its initial purpose.
  • For the purchase of an apartment, residential house or other real estate in remote, border or alpine settlements with the population of up to 1000, Aygut village in Gegharkunik marz, Yeghegnut village of Lori marz, Tatev village of Syunik marz, Itsakar village of Tavush marz, stipulated by RA Government Resolution #1017-N from 14 July 2005, if the purchaser is a parent or adopter of an Account holder (through transferring the amount to the seller’s account).
  • From the month following the date when the account holder turns one year old, periodical payments through any bank account but no more than AMD 25,000 (Twenty five thousand). This provision is effective through December 30, 2017.
  • Cash and non-cash entries into the account can be executed only if they relate to interest accrued on the family capital (or its balance) received from regional unit of Social welfare state service (Service).
  • Funds transferred in favor of the account holder will be entered into the account no later than the next banking day following the date of accepting relevant funds.
  • No arrest or seizure may be imposed on the account before the account holder turns 18, besides, the account cannot be pledged.
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