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Other Provisions regarding Account Service

  • No limitation will be imposed on your right to manage the funds in your account.
  • Account holder's rights may be restricted by court decision, based on the application of compulsory enforcement bodies or tax authorities. The seizure of the funds from your account without your relevant instruction can be performed by the Court judgment on the basis of the application submitted by the compulsory enforcement services or tax authorities. In such cases, under RA legislation, we bear no responsibility to notify you on legal sanctions applied to you and your accounts. Such information will be furnished to you only upon imposition of relevant sanctions by phone or other means of communication (electronic/post service).
  • We guarantee the privacy of the information on you, your account, account transactions. Such information may be provided to you or your duly authorized representative only. Bank secrecy information may be furnished to state authorities and state officials solely in compliance with the RA law On Bank Secrecy.
  • Any dispute and disagreement arising between you and the bank will be resolved through negotiations between the parties, and in case of failure the parties shall turn to the court and financial ombudsman for settling the matter.
Updated 28.09.2017 | 13:07:30