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Card Issuance and Service

We offer our individual customers the following payment cards: Local ArCa Classic card which can be used only in Armenia; ArCa-MIR co-badged cards which can be used in Armenia and in Russia; MasterCard (Maestro, Standard, Gold) and Visa (Classic, Gold, Infinite) international payment cards which can be used both in Armenia and around the world.

Card accounts will be opened and maintained in Armenian drams, US dollars, euros and Russian rubles. The safest and most secure microprocessor MasterCard (Standard, Gold), Visa (Classic, Gold, Infinite*) and ArCa-MIR* cards are supported with DDA chips.

* Visa Infinite is the highest-tier of Visa-branded cards. It offers the best benefits not only in Armenia, but throughout the world, among the benefits are: cardholder’s and his/her family members’ travel insurance, purchase insurance, concierge service, free access to business lounges in over 1,000 airports of more than 450 cities around the world, Speed Pass service, VIP-guest status in over  900 luxury hotels and many more privileges. The status card is a must for those travelling frequently or making online or in-store shopping.

* Evocabank has issued ArCa-MIR co-badged chip cards of Armenian ArCa and Russian MIR payment systems. ArCa-MIR card will be used as an ArCa card in Armenia and MIR card in Russia. The ArCa-MIR co-badged card will enable the cardholders to withdraw money, make payments and online purchases in the territory of both Armenia and Russia.  If you order the card through the EvocaTouch app, it will be delivered free of charge to any point in Yerevan. Evocabank’s ATMs have been already accepting MIR payment cards. If you order an ArCa-MIR card with an attached card, they can be also used for fast money transfers 24/7. In particular, it will be possible to cash-in money using the ATMs that service MIR cards in Russia and within a few seconds receive it in Armenia and vice versa.

Maestro and ArCa Classic debit cards can be used to get overdrafts, while MasterCard Standard and MasterCard Gold credit cards allow the cardholder to obtain  lines of credit and overdrafts. ArCa, Maestro, and MasterCard Standard cards can serve as payroll cards loaded with your salary. 

Payment cards will be issued for a 3 (Three)-year period.

Cards will be issued and serviced according to our Payment Card Issuance and Service tariffs. All types of commission fees under the bank's tariffs will be charged from your card account without prior notice.

You can open an Card accounts by visiting the bank premises or through remote systems (online). Opening accounts through remote systems (online) will be performed on the basis of an electronic application filed via the bank's website or mobile application; you will need a means of authentication and identification as stipulated in Terms and Conditions of Complex Banking Services (contractual relations between the bank and customers are regulated by Terms and conditions of Complex Banking Services, which are a public offering and  considered as accepted once a filled out bank service  application is submitted by the customer personally or online). Terms and Conditions of Complex Banking Services can be found here.


  • Payment Card Transactions

    Payment cards can be used to:

    • Withdraw cash from your account through ATMs and POS-terminals;
    • Make non-cash payments in stores and service centers (stores, restaurants, hotels and other service centers);
    • Pay utility bills through ATMs or online (by registering a virtual card on www.arca.am);
    • Execute online transactions (payments, purchases);
    • Execute card-to-card transfers via ATMs or online;
    • In case of using our online banking services, you will have an opportunity to reload your funds (from current account to card account) and immediately manage your card account funds.

    Note: To track the cash flows into and out of your card account, you must enable the SMS delivery service (you can submit an application to refuse SMS delivery services). When paying online, you can use 3D Secure services.

  • Useful Information

    When making card payments, you should remember:

    • You can shop in trading and service centers with the logo of the given card system displayed thereon;
    • While making card payments, before signing the receipt, make sure the amount indicated in the receipt corresponds to the amount of your transaction;
    • While making card payments always keep your card fully visible;
    • In case you refuse to purchase, request to invalidate (VOID) your payment claim and keep the relevant receipt until the next account statement is  issued in order to make sure no charges has been made from your account.

    Tips for those travelling abroad:

    Defore departure:

    • Check the expiry date of your card.
    • Check your account balance,
    • Write down your 16-digit card number and all the phone numbers by which you can contact us in case of loss or theft of your card while abroad;
    • Check the necessary information on the bank card payment limits.  In case the set limits do not satisfy you, you can ask us to increase them (in order to avoid rejection of the transaction as a result of exceeding the limits).

    Note: Keep the card transactions receipts and upon your return reconcile them with the transactions indicated in your account statement.

    When executing transactions in foreign currency, you should bear in mind the following:

    • Foreign exchange rates may differ which is not our responsibility;
    • When executing transactions in the currency other than the card account one in the service centers and ATMs  of the member banks of Armenian Card payment system, the bank will apply its exchange rate as of the date of offsetting the transaction by the Armenian Card payment system.
    • When executing transactions in service centers and ATMs of other banks as an exchange rate will be applied the one set by the bank as of the date of offsetting the transactions by the MasterCard payment system.
    • Ensure the confidentiality of your PIN-code (it should be kept secret and inaccessible to other people). You bear full responsibility for the transactions executed with your PIN-code.  We will not bear any responsibility for illegal and unauthorized use of your payment card as a result of access of third parties to your PIN-code.
    • In case your card is lost or stolen immediately contact us by the following phone numbers:  (+374 10) 56-20-36, (+374 10) 58-29-77 or Armenian Card Payment system by the number  (+374 10)  44-03-80 to provide the password indicated in your application for a payment card. The validity of your card will be suspended immediately after your call.
    • The delay in reporting us a lost or stolen card may result in card transactions performed by third parties.
    • We will not be responsible for the damage caused to you during the period between losing the card and your informing us about it.
    • You will be responsible for all the card transactions executed until the time you notify us on the need to suspend the card because it is lost or stolen.

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