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Manage you bank accounts remotely without visiting the bank through Prometey Online system. The system will allow you to use banking services anytime and anywhere irrespective of our work schedule. To activate the system, you can turn to the Head Office or any branch.

Description and Capabilities:

EvocaOnline is an internet banking system enabling you to manage your  bank accounts online. To use the EvocaOnline system, click EvocaOnline on our website or visit Online banking section of the bank's website. With the system you can:

View various information:

  • Bank account balances and transactions,
  • Statement of accounts, payment cards, loans and deposits,
  • Online balances of payment cards,
  • Complete information on loans and repayment schedule,
  • Complete information on deposits,
  • Foreign currency exchange rates.

To execute transactions:

  • International and local money transfers (also grouped ones),
  • Foreign currency conversion,
  • Loan repayments,
  • Opening of deposit accounts and account replenishment,
  • Utility payments (also grouped ones),
  • Budget transfers,
  • Property tax payments,
  • Cash withdrawals,
  • Document cancellation.

As well as:

  • Send and receive free format messages with attached files (MS Word, Excel, etc.),
  • Import data from xml file,
  • Create templates of documents.

Attention: We apply commission fee discounts for transactions executed through Prometey Mobile application.



  • System Security
    • In order to make EvocaOnline system more secure we offer our users a Vasco Token Digipass GO-6 hardware token.
    • The bank is the owner of the Vasco Token Digipass GO-6 hardware, which will be provided to you to generate relevant password for logging into the EvocaOnline system.
    • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology is used for data encryption.
  • Mobile Application Activation Procedure
    • The application will be provided to our customers with «View only» or «View and execute transactions» options.
    • In case of signing a bank service agreement between the bank and a customer (bank account opening, extending loans, deposit mobilization, etc.), the application will be enabled automatically with «View only» option. The system access data (Login, Password) are indicated in the service agreements. QR-coded link is also available to download the Prometey Mobile application from App Store or Play-Store.
    • If desired, you can activate the application  with «View and execute transactions» option.
    • The customers who have already used our services, can apply to the bank and activate the application with  «View only» or «View and execute transactions» options.
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