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Changing Bank Details or Cancelling Money Transfer

  • Changing bank details or cancelling a money transfer will be performed on the basis of a written application of the remitter, for changing bank details or cancelling the money transfer the bank charges a relevant fee (tariffs can be found in section Bank Transfers ).
  • We correct errors as well as cancel a money transfer within the time-frame and limitations set by the remitter and recipient banks, typically it takes 2-5 banking days.
  • If the person initiating the money transfer submits an application for cancellation of a money transfer, and according to the inquiry the funds have already been credited to the account, we bear no responsibility for the return of the sent amount.
  • In case the transferred funds have not arrived to the recipient:
    • Transferred funds will be returned by a correspondent bank to the remitter bank. The timeline for returning funds depends on the timing set by the correspondent banks and the number of banks involved in transferring money between banks.
    • The returned funds will be credited into the remitter's bank account, while in case of transferring money without opening a bank account the funds will be returned  to the remitter on the basis of passport data indicated in the payment order.
  • Other provisions. In case of changing/correcting errors in bank details, cancellation of money transfers by payment systems (non-commercial fast money transfers between individuals), as well as failure to identify the recipient of the money transfer, the funds will be returned under the terms and in timelines set by internal regulations of the mentioned systems.
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