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Transactions view * 0

Making of operations + Token Digipass GO-6 security device or EvocaToken security application **

 monthly:  AMD 3,000  + N x AMD 500*** (N –users' quantity)
 In case of the loss of Token Digipass GO-6 device
AMD 5,000
 Tariffs for operations: 
 Transfers between the customers of the Bank 0
 Transfers in the area of Armenia 0
 Utility and other payments 0
 International transfers at 25% reduced rates from current commissions
  Customer-Bank System
  Installation of Customer-Bank system 0
 Monthly service fee AMD 10,000

*  In case of the transactions view service, the security services are not provided. The customer enters the system with his registered Login and Password.

** Vasco  Digipass  Mobile security application can be  downloaded on customer's iOS or Android phone or tablet which is applied for the generation of the code to enter the system.  Digipass GO6 security device is the property of the Bank, it is given to the customer for the generation of the respective codes to enter the system. Each user is given one device,  in case of the additional user the respective monthly tariff  is multiplied by the number of the users.

*** Fees are presented VAT included.

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