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On Commission Fees Charged for Our Services:

1. We are entitled any time without prior notice to change, add new ones or revise our existing tariffs and rates. Such amendments and additions are effective as soon as they are communicated to you in any possible ways.

2. We are entitled to charge special fees associated with extra work and/or non-standard operations.

3. The fees specified in our tariffs and rates will be charged in Armenian drams.

4. The fees set as a percentage of foreign currency amounts will be charged in Armenian drams, based on the exchange rate of non-cash sale of foreign currency as of the payment day.

5. Interest accrued on the foreign currency deposit will be paid in Armenian drams based on the FX non-cash buy rate set by the Bank as of the payment day.

6. In certain cases we can apply other tariffs and rates which are specified in other documents and/or agreements.

7. The terms and conditions other than those specified in these tariffs and rates will be set in other documents and /or agreements.

8. We will not be held responsible:
 - for the consequences caused by your wrong instructions,
 - for the consequences caused by malfunction of means of communication,
 - for the effect of force-majeure circumstances.

9. You will be served during the operational day from 9:30 to 17:00 without lunch break.

Note: The commission fees and rates applied in lending and depositing processes can be found on our website.

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