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The list of main law, other normative legal acts, regulating the services, given by the Bank

  • Laws of the Republic of Armenia:
    • "Civil code of the Republic of Armenia",
    • ꞌꞌOn banks and bankingꞌꞌ,
    • ꞌꞌOn bank secrecyꞌꞌ
    • ꞌꞌOn attraction of bank depositsꞌꞌ,
    • ꞌꞌOn guarantee of bank deposits of physical entitiesꞌꞌ,
    • ꞌꞌOn consumer lendingꞌꞌ,
    • ꞌꞌOn cash operationsꞌꞌ,
    • ꞌꞌOn currency regulation and currency controlꞌꞌ,
    • ꞌꞌOn securities marketꞌꞌ,
    • ꞌꞌOn payment-settlement systems and payment-settlement organizationsꞌꞌ,
    • ꞌꞌOn funds transfer by payment orderꞌꞌ,
    • ꞌꞌOn combating money laundering and terrorism financingꞌꞌ,
    • ꞌꞌOn the financial system mediatorꞌꞌ.
  • Regulations of the Central Bank of Armenia:
    • Regulation 4 ''Minimum requirements for implementation of internal control of banks'',
    • Regulation 8/01 "Explanation and Examples of Calculating the Actual Annual Interest Rate",
    • Regulation 8/02 ''On the Calculation of Annual Percentage Yield of Bank Deposits'',
    • Regulation 8/03 "Publication of Information by Banks, Credit Companies, Insurance Companies, Insurance Brokers, Investment Companies, Central Depositary and Payment-Settlement Institutions Which Make Money Transfers",
    • Regulation 8/04 "Minimum Requirements and Principles Concerning the Internal legal Acts that Regulate the Process of Considering the Customers՚ Complaints",
    • Regulation 8/05 "Procedure, Terms and Conditions, Forms and Minimum Requirements of Communication between the Bank and Depositor, the Creditor and Consumer",
    • Regulation 9 "On operations with Cash in Banks Functioning on the Territory of the Republic of Armenia'',
    • Regulation on Minimum Requirements to Reporting Entities in the Field of Preventing Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing.
  • Normative Acts, as well as Procedures and Regulations Approved by the Bank Council.
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